Water Pumps Installation

Excerpt In remote regions of Pakistan, access to clean water remains a critical challenge, impacting the health of communities. People for Humanity (PFH) initiated the installation of water pumps, with 150 already in place and more being added regularly. These pumps alleviate the burden of fetching water and improve health outcomes. In Buleda, Balochistan, a 3000-gallon RO plant serves over 300 families, ensuring access to safe drinking water. Community involvement is key to our success. With your support, we can continue expanding our reach and bringing clean water to more communities in need. Join us in quenching the thirst for a healthier future.

It is deeply saddening that many parts of Pakistan continue to be deprived of clean water, a basic human right and necessity. Our PFH volunteers witnessed this heartbreaking reality as they drove through a Balochistani village where they found children begging for clean water instead of food or money.

Every 3rd villager suffers from liver and kidney disease due to dirty water usage. In many regions, people, many of them being women and children, walk miles carrying heavy buckets of water to use in their homes for cooking and cleaning. To address this critical issue, People for Humanity initiated the Water Pumps Installation project.

Impact and Achievements:

Since the inception of the project, we have made significant strides in providing access to clean water in villages across Pakistan. Here are some key achievements:

Cities Currently Being Served

Dadu, Jhang, Umerkot, Gaon Bhaikhan, Gaon Sher Mohammad, Gaon Muhammad Junaid, Gaon Kundoo Khan, Gaon Ghulam Rasool, Sulo, Kech, Jafarabad, Koth Adampur Janoob, Koth Adampour Maghreb, Koth Hirdain Shaikh Baraderi

Why Water Pumps?

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right, yet many communities in Pakistan face the harsh reality of water scarcity and contamination. Villagers often lack access to clean water sources, forcing them to resort to using dirty water for their daily needs. This grim situation takes a heavy toll on their health, with liver and kidney diseases rampant due to the consumption of contaminated water.

Furthermore, the burden of fetching water falls disproportionately on women and children, who must trek long distances carrying heavy buckets of water back to their homes. This not only consumes valuable time and energy but also puts them at risk of injuries and health issues.

The installation of water pumps addresses these critical challenges by providing communities with a reliable and accessible source of clean water. No longer do villagers have to endure the hardships of fetching water from distant sources or risk their health by consuming contaminated water. Instead, water pumps offer a lifeline, ensuring that families have access to safe drinking water right in their own villages.

By sponsoring a water pump or contributing to the installation of RO plants, you can directly impact the lives of those in need, providing them with the most basic yet essential necessity for survival: clean water. Together, we can alleviate the suffering caused by water scarcity and contamination, creating healthier and more sustainable communities across Pakistan. Join us in our mission to bring clean water to villages and transform lives for the better.

Misuse Prevention

Misuse prevention is a critical aspect of ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of water pump installations in communities. At People for Humanity (PFH), we recognize the importance of community involvement and ownership in safeguarding these valuable resources.

In many villages where water pumps are installed, the elders of the community play a pivotal role in overseeing their fair usage and protecting them from theft and misuse. These respected members of the community take on the responsibility of educating fellow villagers about the proper use of the water pumps and the importance of conserving this precious resource.

Additionally, the elders work closely with PFH volunteers and local authorities to implement measures to prevent misuse and ensure the long-term sustainability of the water pump installations. This may include setting up community watch groups, installing security measures such as locks or fences around the pumps, and establishing guidelines for their maintenance and upkeep.

Through ongoing community engagement and collaboration, PFH and local stakeholders work together to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility for the water pumps. By empowering communities to take charge of their water resources, we promote sustainability and resilience, ensuring that clean water remains accessible to all, now and in the future.

Cost and Sponsorship Opportunities

How can you help?

Your support can make a significant difference in providing clean water to those in need. Consider sponsoring a water pump or contributing to the installation of RO plants to help improve the lives of families across Pakistan.

Together, we can ensure that every individual has access to clean and safe drinking water, creating healthier and more sustainable communities. Join us in our mission to bring clean water to villages across Pakistan.



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