Donate for the victims of flood in Balochistan that are hungry and shelter less.

Aftermath of the flood Balochistan 2022 | Photo Credit: AFP

Heavy monsoon rainfall and floods have affected some 2.3 million people in Pakistan since mid-June, destroying at least 95,350 houses and damaging a further 224,100 and killing more than 800 people (OCHA).

Sindh in the country’s south east and Balochistan in the south west are the two most affected provinces. More than 504,000 livestock have been killed, nearly all of them in Balochistan, while damage to nearly 3,000 km of roads and 129 bridges has impeded movement around flood-affected areas.

This is the time to step up and help your brothers and sisters during these challenging times.

Please help us help them 🙏

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