Our Leadership

Founder & President:

Sara Syeda, BA, MA, PhD (C)

PFH was founded by Sara Syeda while she was pursuing a PhD in Economics at Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan. Her passion for development work, and a desire to improve lives of the most vulnerable pushed her to pursue the field of Economics and work on sustainable development projects. She dreams of a world where empathy, compassion and kindness are the trademarks of a valuable human being. She aspires to encourage people around her to take on projects according to their own potential to help make this world a better place.

She is the cofounder of Transcending All Borders – Relief Aid (TABRA), and the former Chair of the Board of Directors at the Islamic House of Wisdom, where she would direct many social welfare initiatives to assist those in need in the local community

She has been able to support the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) over the years through her volunteerism and leadership, by hosting and organizing soup kitchens, clothing drives, and Christmas gift giving for those less fortunate.

She has been invited to speak at venues both nationally and internationally at various conferences on her work in Economics as well as those that relate to PFH.

She is a leader when it comes to social activism. She has hosted many events in Michigan as it pertains to various tragedies in the United States, Canada and around the world. She has a strong following in Michigan given her activism and has been able to garner support for local projects including finding employment for single mothers, securing vehicles and insurance payments for Syrian refugees, among other things. She believes firmly in helping others help themselves and has also initiated a microloan finance program locally.

She believes that every human being has a right to clean water, food, shelter, health and education. In Pakistan, her work is more widespread from providing water by installing solar panel water pumps to ration distribution among the needy. With the help of the generous donors and volunteers she has provided housing, employment, and education to thousands across the country.

Public Relations Director:

Dr. Syed Naweed Raza, MD, FACS, FRCSC

Dr. Syed Raza has been involved in PFH since its inception. He is an Associate Professor at Wayne State University and is both the Fellowship Director for the Advanced Training Council in Head & Neck Surgery as well as the Director for Microvascular Surgery. His interests like in public health and social health care reform both locally and internationally. He has vast experience in organizational development and has founded the Muslim Medical Association of Canada.


Vice President Administration:

Amna Syeda, BA, B.Ed

Vice President Finance:

Aliza Syeda, BA, B.Ed




Director of Volunteer Services Sindh: Irfan Ali Memon

Director of Volunteer Services Punjab: Amna Askari

Director of Volunteer Services KPK: Abid Bin Sadiq

And growing…

People For Humanity is a U.S Registered 501c3 charity , eligible to receive tax deductible donations.